Monday, December 1

Riding Horses and A New Roof for SawGrass

Our after Thanksgiving trip to SawGrass was a chilly one! Thank goodness the clouds held the rain in until we were super close to the lodge!

Papa rode his new favorite horse Red (he also calls him Blaze).

Jared riding Comet over Snake Pass! I love this pic... it's a framer!

Beau riding Dapple Grey. He was in front of us most of the ride so the best pics I have of him are him looking back at me.

Here is Beau's right profile shot! :)

Jared at least had a hood on for when it started to sprinkle. See his hands are covered up... I told him to wear gloves. :)

Time to feed!
Meow taunting Miami who was waiting impatiently for us to come back and let her out so she could sneak over and roll in the horse poop! She did NOT smell good for the ride home!

SawGrass's new roof Papa built recently! Nice!

Jared, Beau, and Papa after a fun ride at SawGrass plantation!

I talked Jared into stopping at Taco Casa so I could get my combination burrito, small messy nachos and a medium Mt. Dew, YUM! :)