Wednesday, August 27

My Next 25 Years

Today is my Birthday. I’ve had this Tim McGraw song stuck in my head this entire week while thinking of my 25th Birthday. I’m planning to have a list of 25 things for me to check off in my next 25 years but here are the top 5 on my list for my readers that have been so patient in waiting for my next post since my long absence from blogland. :)

  1. Read the bible cover to cover: I read the Old Testaments my freshman year of college but then skipped around when I got to the New Testaments. So reading from Genesis to Revelation is going to be an important goal for me.

  2. Sky Diving: I’ve wanted to go sky diving for a long time and always said I would go before I turn 25, now I guess it will have to move to before I have kids. My sis and cousin Codie have beat me to it so anyone out there who wants to go with me, please let me know.

  3. Run: I use to love to run but then I got married, which means I got happy and lazy. I’d like to stay happy but start running again too.

  4. Meditate: My dad has meditated every evening since he was in college and loves it; I want to learn an effective way for me to meditate.

  5. Travel: So many places to go so little time (and money), the state I want to visit most is Alaska and the top two countries on my list are England and China.

Now I know this song is called My Next 30 Years but it’s my birthday blog and I can change it if I want to.

I wasn’t the cutest baby so here is a picture of me 20 years ago; I was usually found outside and dirty.

(L to R) me, Ashley (my cousin), and Jessie Dean (my big sis) playing in the pond behind the house we grew up in, Loganwood Drive, Northport, Alabama