Monday, September 27

Legally Blonde the Musical

Codie, Alicia and I went to see Legally Blonde the Musical this weekend at the BJCC. It was so funny! I love it!

Here is my favorite song. I love the role Emmett plays in the musical!

Thursday, September 2

A Tiny Penis is Growing Inside Me

Jared and I scheduled a free ultrasound at Virgina College today! It's a boy! I was hoping for a little girl to dress up but I've been bracing myself (I actually wrote most of this post yesterday, I just had a feeling).

We were Jennifer's (our ultrasound student) final exam. She did a great job and the best part was that we got to watch him for a long time! He would flip from side to side, kick, hiccup, and suck his thumb. Jennifer said she has never seen a baby suck his thumb the entire time like ours. He was very ok with posing for her because at one point she asked him very nicely to stretch out his leg and he did! :)

Here he is sucking his thumb :)

Jared lit up when she said "here is his little turtle"  
Our baby boy's middle name is "Thomas" because it is Jared's middle name and his dad's first name but the first name is still up in the air... What do yall think, 1, 2, or 3?
  1. Caleb Thomas (I've always loved the name "Caleb" but it has gotten really popular.)
  2. Cade Thomas (Love the name but Luke named his dog "Cade.")
  3. Dean Thomas (This is my favorite name but Jared says "Dean" is a girl name.)
My cousin Codie reminded me of a Sex and the City quote that made me laugh...
Carrie (to Miranda): Do you realize you're growing a teeny tiny penis inside you? That is so sci-fi!

Please continue to pray for our baby boy! :)