Friday, July 31


Reagan Golightly is a good friend from my home town who now has a Facebook Page gaining fans for her to be the next Bachelorette! She is a picture perfect Southern Belle that would be an excellent for the show!

Please become a fan today, REAGAN GOLIGHTLY - The NEXT Bachelorette!, and tell your friends too! :)


Calli, Jen, Jess, Reagan, Nikki, Me and Codie at a shower last summer.

Wednesday, July 29

Baby Making

Make your own baby on the RoutonBabymaker3000 on the VW site.

What the future holds for the Woodward house... (Not sure where they got the brown/dark eyes from. ??)

Caleb Thomas
Hannah Corinne

Let me know how your's turns out!

Thanks to Jamie for posting about this months ago! ;)

Commute Smart Birmingham

I heard about this offer over a year ago when gas prices really hit hard but have not pursued it until now.
"GetGreen offers commuters $2 per day, up to $120 over a three-month period, to anyone who lives or works in Jefferson or Shelby Counties when they change their commutes from driving alone to a qualified commute alternative. Commuters are paid for each day they choose to carpool, telework, take transit, bike or walk to work. After you have completed the GetGreen program, you will automatically be enrolled into our Commuter Club!
Download a GetGreen application to learn more, and turn your commute into your own money tree."
"Commuter Club is also open to residents and workers in Jefferson and Shelby Counties. “Club members” who log at least 20 qualified commute days over a three-month period can earn a $25 gift card. Carpools are eligible for one gift card per carpooler.
Learn more and join the Club!"

Leah and I are submitting our GetGreen applications! I'll let you know how it goes! :)

Tuesday, July 28

The Ugly Truth

Jared and I went to see The Ugly Truth Friday night with Ashley and Jeff. We had a fun time eating and listening to live music at Pablos then we were off to the movies!

In short, Katherine Heigl plays a romantically challenged morning producers whose show is sinking when Gerard Butler's character's show is bought to improve their ratings. While this "improvement," The Ugly Truth, gets a huge response Heigl feels as though she is selling her soul. Butler's character gives Heigl's character a "hand held" lesson in what men really want but leaves her questioning what she really wants.

This movie made me laugh hysterically and turn so red face with embarrassment that I had to hide behind Jared's shoulder! I was shocked at some of the "places" this movie took us!
The Ugly Truth is good for anyone looking for a stomach aching laugh but is not a movie for anyone under the age of 18!

Monday, July 27

Cooking in a Crockpot Blog

I found a blog of a friend from the University Church of Christ, Michele (Hicks Family Circus ), on FB and from her blog I found A Year of Slow Cooking. I haven't tried the recipes yet but they look pretty fabulous! Stephanie gives some excellent pointers on how you can save money by using your crockpot!

I'll let you know how mine goes! ;)
Thanks Michele!

Thursday, July 23

So You Think You Can Dance - Breast Cancer Awareness

Last night on So You Think You Can Dance Tyce DiOrio's choreography drew attention to the turmoil of a woman struggling with breast cancer, and its affects on her partner. To me, this was a beautiful moment and reminded me of the fight my family members had and lost. Melissa and Ade's performance brought everyone to tears, including me!

If you are having trouble viewing this video visit YouTube or TBNTX.

Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, July 22

Most Like Harry Potter

I took the Which Harry Potter character are you? quiz and the result was Harry Potter!

The quiz said:
"You are most like Harry Potter. Courage, loyalty and bravery are your main aspects. You are kind of on the "Wild-Side" and occasionally break the rules. You are somewhat underestimated. You can sometimes get bossy, but your friends stick by you no matter what and you can always count on them."
My bossiness probably creeps up most when you come to ride horses with me and I do have fabulous friends!
Take the quiz and let me know which character you are most like! :)

A Weekend with Colton: Sunday School and the Pool

Jared, Colton and I headed to church on Sunday morning. On our way I asked Colt if he wanted to go to the Youth Group's Sunday morning class and he did not. So, I asked him if he wanted to go to our Sunday morning class and he said that was fine... I did warn him that it was a young married couple's class and sex could possibly be mentioned! He said he didn't care.

When we arrived to our seats Rick, the teacher, came up to us and introduced himself to Colton. Rick said: "It's never to early to start learning about this stuff, right?"
Colton, remembering what I said, replied: "right."

The class was a little uncomfortable but we mostly talked about love deposits and withdrawals, a few brief sex reference, and then his and hers top five needs list.
Colton didn't giggle once and he was able to leave with his face only slightly pink!

I was very happy some of our friends were able to meet Colton! :)

After church we went to Taco Casa for a quick mild combination burrito with extra sour cream, a small messy nachos and a large Mt. Dew! Yum! Then we were off to the pool!

Again, no pics! :(

Colton showed off his tricks on the diving board, back flips and gainers, then we went back to the house for some R&R before meeting Mom to take Colton back home.

What a fun weekend with my little bro! :)

Tuesday, July 21

A Weekend with Colton: Movies

Saturday night Jared, Colton and I went to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings and then headed to our movie.
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian was really funny with a perfect “happily ever after” twist to it! It probably won’t be out in the theatre for very much longer so it will be a good renter! :)

I’m kicking myself for not taking any pics of our fun weekend with Colton but here are some pics of him that I haven't put on my blog before:

Colton riding Comet, he looks like he came straight out of a movie like The Man From Snowy River!

This pic makes him look older. :(

Colton and Clint will always look too big to me when they should still look like this:
This is my favorite pic of me and Colton. :)

"A Weekend with Colton: Sunday School" next

A Weekend with Colton: Alabama Adventure

My youngest brother Colton spent the weekend with me and Jared.
He called me Thursday to see if I would take him to Alabama Adventure and I was totally up for it. Saturday Mom met me to hand off Colton. We then headed straight to Alabama Adventure.
Pulling into the park I noticed a few cars on the outside of the park; hum… the answer soon followed, parking $10!
Tickets were $34.99 but I had a "buy one, get one free ticket," expiration date September 2008, they took it. Whew! :)
We rode all the roller coasters first which was so much fun... Colton kept asking me, "are you ready for this," before each ride... I think he was a little scared but totally conquered them all! I loved experiencing the scary rides with him!

When we were done with the roller coasters we headed to the water park side. The one slide that Colton really wanted to go on he called the Toilet Flush... basically you plunge 50 ft in an enclosed tube and explode out into a giant bowl and spin uncontrollably before you're dropped out from the bottom into a deep pool. After waiting in this line forever, with a 12 year old girl in front of us who gawked at my super cute brother and found any excuse to say something to him, we made it to the top where the life guard directed us in how to slide. He told us to make sure to watch your feet. I went first sliding down in the dark then the light hit me at the same time that I hit my head just as hard as I could on the giant bowl part of the slide... ouch! After dropping into the pool and adjusting my bathing suit I got out, and the life guard asked "did you hit your head? Everyone does that!"... A bit of warning people! I mean tell me to keep my head up sure but also warn me that when you get to the bowl part it bucks your head back! Sheesh! Colton then came out of the pool rubbing the back of his head as well! This, I believe, was the reason for my constant headache the rest of the weekend.
After the Flush, actually named Splashdown, Colton and I headed to the waves pool and then decided not to spend another $9 on floats for other slides and left to get ready for our movie night! :)
I wasn’t able to take pics b/c we left all our stuff in the car! :(
Overall Alabama Adventure was a lot more fun then I thought it would be but way more expensive then I would have dreamed!
A Weekend with Colton continues soon...

Monday, July 20

That's One Fat Caterpillar

My neighbor, Betsy, caught a super fat caterpillar in her garden. Her kids were so proud of it!

Here is a video of the thing eating... watch him inhale that leaf!

Friday, July 17

WMU's Missions Masterpiece

Rianna Freeman is an amazing artist that works in the WMU Foundation. She generously donated her time to teach a "Sips 'n Strokes" type event we call Missions Masterpiece. It was so much fun and every one's painting turned out great!
I didn't have permission from everyone to post their picture on my blog so I thought it best to put the pic of (most) every one's paintings in front of their faces. :)

The funniest thing about this pic is that most everyone was smiling behind their paintings, I looked! Do you do that... like as you are taking a picture of people smiling, you smile behind the camera? :)
. Me, Michelle, Rianna and Ashley :)
More about Rianna Freeman’s Missions Masterpiece sessions for the Annual Meeting and Missions Celebration.

Thursday, July 16

Independence Day

Jared and I spent Independence Day at the Lake!

Enjoy the pics :)
UCC's Youth intern created a nice rope swing the last time he went swimming with the boys which has caused Mom much anxiety!

Colton swinging on the rope.
Colton falling into the water barely clearing the land!

Calli Jean and Daniel

Uncle Andy giving the rope swing a try... he made it! :)

Beau, Alex, Jared, Wes, Papa, Chase, Taylor, Codie, Colton, Calli Jean, Daniel, Clint, Andy, and me

Jessica and Kristin laid out in the sun with Teresa, who is taking the pics.

George and Sugar escaping the sun.
After a fun full day on the lake Jared and I visited his parents for a late lunch and then went back to play cards and hang out at my parent's house.
Jared and I played Rook against Teresa and Andy. I'm always so nervous playing cards as Jared's partner b/c I'm not very competitive and he is VERY competitive... I have to say he did very well not making me feel bad when I lost us one game out of two! :)
Wes and Codie
Calli Jean and Daniel

Papa, Alex, Mom and Jess in a very intense game of Rook. (So, glad Papa could hide his frustration with the paparazzi.)
To celebrate the end of Independence Day Colton put on a fireworks show.

Colton preparing.
Colt did such a good job! What a special night! :)

Wes, Codie, and Calli Jean watching the fireworks.

While the second round of fireworks went off Miami got so scared that she jumped from my arms into Wes's arms, clinging to his shoulder!! I guess she felt safer with him. :)

Chase and Taylor watching the fireworks.
Mom and Clint

Colton after a job well done.

Aunt Susan and Uncle Bob Tanner
What a Happy 4th of July!

Wednesday, July 15

Momma Goldberg's Deli - Friends and Family Night

Our friends, Hal and Maghan Craig, opened Momma Goldberg's Deli in Inverness! Jared and I attended their Friends and Family Night, which was packed! I had my usual, Hal's Nachos (Ranch Dorito chips with steamed Pepper jack cheese and Banana peppers) and a Momma's Love (Roast Beef, Ham, Hickory Smoked Turkey Breast, with Muenster Cheese Hoagie). YUM!

I love the open space they picked for this location, it is 2 seconds from my office! :)

Maghan with her grandparents.

Maghan and Hal

Momma Goldberg's Deli Inverness Alabama, 4647 hwy 280 suite U

Become a fan on Facebook!

VBS and the Pool

For my June furlough from work I planned to do nothing! This however was put on hold when Martina said "You could help Lori and me with VBS next week!" :)
So, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9 - 11:30 a.m. I spent with our 23, 3-5 yr olds at church. We had a lot of fun with them in the morning and then most afternoons I would lay out at the pool! :)

Here are some pics of Martina, Colton and me at the pool:

Fun days! :)

Tuesday, July 14

Love Deposit!

My fabulous hubby surprised me with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince tickets for tomorrow night!! Yippee!! :)

Leah and Codie are going to join us! I can't wait!

Best Reason to Blog - Hold on to Your Joy!

The article below was in In most all of the strategies listed the answer is in blogging! :)

"How we think and what we do can intensify, even prolong, the best moments in life. Here's how to tune in to the small stuff and reap huge rewards!"
Joy — How to Make it Last
"It's easiest to appreciate the good when fortune leans in our favor. But when we're ill or anxious or beset by tragedy, savoring positive events is all the more important. Happiness, Loyola University Chicago social psychologist Fred B. Bryant, PhD says, broadens our perspective and helps us recognize ways to cope with adversity. "Bad things will come--we can't avoid them," he says. As many a poet has written, joy is fleeting, and elusive. "But if you know how, you can go hunting for it, and you can make it last."
Here are 10 surefire strategies that Bryant says everyone can use to discover pleasure and satisfaction in everyday moments:

  1. Share positive feelings— Sharing happy memories and experiences with others--or even simply anticipating doing so--is one of the most powerful and effective ways to prolong and magnify joy, Bryant's research shows. "It helps sustain emotions that would otherwise fade," he says. Affirming connections with others, he adds, is "the glue that holds people together."
  2. Build memories— Take mental photographs of memorable moments that you can draw on later. Recall vivid, specific events, and pinpoint what brought you joy.
  3. Congratulate yourself— Take pride in a hard won accomplishment. "A lot of people have trouble basking in an accomplishment because they feel that they shouldn't toot their own horns or rest on their laurels," Bryant says. It's a fine line between joyous self-congratulation and shameless self-promotion, but don't worry: You'll know if you're crossing it.
  4. Fine tune your senses— Shutting out some sensory stimuli while concentrating on others can heighten your enjoyment of positive experiences--particularly those that are short-lived.
  5. Compare downward— Comparing upward makes us feel deprived, but comparing downward can heighten enjoyment. Think about how things could be worse--or how things used to be worse. Just keep it light--you don't have to relive your cancer diagnosis or revel in a neighbor's misfortune.
  6. Get absorbed— Some joyful moments seem to call for conscious reflection and dissection. At other times, we savor best when we simply immerse ourselves in the present moment, without deliberate analysis or judgment.
  7. Fake it till you make it— Putting on a happy face--even if you don't feel like it--actually induces greater happiness, says Bryant. So be exuberant. Don't just eat the best peach of the season luxuriate in every lip smacking mouthful. Laugh aloud at the movies. Smile at yourself in the mirror. After all, he says, "a surefire way to kill joy is to suppress it."
  8. Seize the moment— It seems obvious that the more quickly a positive experience evaporates, the more difficult it is to savor. Yet paradoxically, Bryant has found, reminding ourselves that time is fleeting and joy transitory prompts us to seize positive moments while they last.
  9. Avoid killjoy thinking— The world has enough pessimists. Short circuit negative thoughts that can only dampen enjoyment, such as self recriminations or worries about others' perceptions. When you find yourself awash in happiness, give it space to grow--don't ruminate about why you don't deserve this good thing, what could go wrong, how things could be better. Consciously make the decision to embrace joy.
  10. Say thank you— Cultivate an "attitude of gratitude," Bryant says. Pinpoint what you're happy about--a party invitation, a patch of shade--and acknowledge its source. It's not always necessary to outwardly express gratitude, Bryant notes, but saying "thank you" to a friend, a stranger, or the universe deepens our happiness by making us more aware of it."

So next time you have a joyful memory share it with others through a blog! :)

Thursday, July 9

Back Tucks

Jared, Codie and I spent the rest of Father's Day at the lake. It was so pretty outside but hot!
While we were getting ready to leave for T-ville Colton and Clint were getting ready to leave for Rustic Youth Camp (see past post, Picking Up Nonnie and the Boys for the Family Beach Trip) but before they left Clint wanted me to spot him in a back tuck so he could show off at camp.
Back story - After Clint mastered his back tuck on the tramp (see past post, The Day I Taught Clint the Back Tuck) he has been preparing himself for doing a back tuck on the ground to throw after his many expected touchdowns this year. A few weeks ago when Clint asked me to teach him, Codie and I took him to the back yard and spotted him...with Mom and Papa in the background saying "Clint don't, you'll get hurt"... "what about football?" Well, he did fabulous!
Here is Clint's Back Tuck from last week (the second one is better):

All Clint needs to do is use his arms more to get height and he's got it all by himself! ;)
The same day Codie and I worked on Clint's back tuck, a few weeks ago, Colton did his too. He actually did really really well that day but one of the last times he did it he hit me really hard and got a little "gun shy" by that experience... anyway, this video was just too funny not to post... sorry Colt! :)

Colton will have it soon!

Father's Day

We went to early service at the University Church of Christ , where Jared and I grew up in church together. Shaun Smith's lesson, "Cut it Out!", was really good but I always feel sorry for Dad's b/c they always get some kind of "beating" in the lessons during church on Father's Day. :)
After church we said goodbye to Doug, Tiffany, Mackenzie, Will and Morgan.

Jared, Will, Tom and Doug

Katie and Morgan

Reagan, Mackenzie and Me

Will and Me.

He is such a cutie!! :)
A Day at the Lake and a Back Tuck to come.