Wednesday, October 29

What a Beautiful Morning (Continues)

Jared and I had a TiVo in 2002, which was before rewinding live tv, scheduling recordings, and recording one show while watching another live was considered a common home gadget necessity. This morning I thought to myself how nice it would be if I could just this one time rewind my life to the night before to SHUT MY GARAGE DOOR!!!
Rewind... After filling my University of Alabama tervis tumbler full of cran-grape juice as usual and grabbing a light and fit yogurt out of the fridge, peach again… I really need to go to the grocery store… I was relieved that Jared was still upstairs getting ready so he would take Miami outside to do her business and I could head to work, stop to get gas and time would still be on my side. The wind hit my face as I opened our back door thinking I sure do love that the weather is now cold enough for me to wear my super cute long twilled black, pink, and cream coat on this beautiful fall morning... Looking up and walking out to my car I wondered did I close the garage door last night or did Jared open it this morning??
Fast-forward… I was almost to work when Jared calls me, FUMING, telling me that his brand new iTouch that he got from work a week ago today for passing his CPA exams was not in his car. Flipping out, I apologized about a hundred times for not thinking about checking to see if the garage door was down last night, as I habitually do. Then he called again to ask if I had taken my beloved Jane, my GPS system, out of his car... he had barrowed her Monday b/c he was going on a business trip… “Nope” I said, a little teary eyed.
I sure am lost without Jane. :(
So, following my terrible Tuesday morning two weeks ago is today, knowing that Wednesday’s Wisteria Thief is still at large.

…what a beautiful morning! :)

Tuesday, October 14

What a Beautiful Morning

I took my time getting ready this morning. I was having a terrific straight hair day and had a cute outfit picked out for my work team photo at 2pm this afternoon. Looked in the mirror for a last second do these pants fit me alright confirmation thought then headed downstairs. I let Miami out to do her business which she did in record time. I fixed myself my usual cran-grape juice in my Alabama tervis tumbler cup and grabbed a light and fit yogurt out of the fridge, peach b/c I’m out of the better flavors, said bye to Miami and was out the door. Yesterday I had forgotten to shut our garage door so after walking to my car and setting my stuff down I fished for my garage door opener which was at the bottom of my purse, shut the door to my car and cranked her up. I then proceeded to roll down my window as I often do on a beautiful morning like today, stuck my head out and guided my way out of the driveway when BAM…SPLASH, I just realized I left my Alabama tervis tumbler cup full of cran-grape juice on the roof of my car when I went digging through my purse. The cup hit and poured from the top of my head down my cute black top into the back of my stylish red BeBe pants and onto the back seat of my car. Pausing for a moment to think how on earth I had managed to have such a Terry Hatcher from Desperate Housewives moment... I got out to access the damage to the car. I then ran upstairs to see if there was any way to avoid taking a shower; nope I could feel the ice cold cran-grape juice on my scalp. So, I took the fastest shower of my life, scrunched dried my hair so I wouldn’t have to dry it all the way, threw on an outfit and got to my car with fabric cleaner and a beach towel. Ten minutes later I was backing out of the driveway yet again, now realizing I had not reapplied make-up but kept going, this is just how I’m going to have to look for my picture.
I called Joyce, my boss, and left her a message saying "I’m late this morning it involves cran-grape juice, my hair and my car, something to look forward to; I’ll see you in 20."

Bet your morning is looking much brighter! :)