Tuesday, January 27

Roommate, Taco Casa, SawGrass and Hillary

Jared and I moved our roommate, Leah Moore, and her Jack Russell, Toby, in this past weekend. Super fun Leah works with me at WMU and needed a place to stay until June which is when her future roommate’s lease runs out. Our fabulous friend Justin Hardy helped us with the Saturday move… he’s the BEST! After some poorly given directions from me (sorry Justin!), our day started around 11ish at Leah’s apartment, we put everything we could squeeze into Justin’s covered trailer, and in the back of his and our SUV! We stopped for a quick bite at McDonalds where Leah and Justin discussed his dog’s breed, a Hungarian Vizsla. Leah lived in Hungry for a time and had always wanted one!
Justin brought his two dogs along for the day so when we got to Wisteria Trace Miami was excited to meet all 3! She and Toby became fast friends! Toby also made fast friends with our neighbor's dogs but we won’t go into detail how! :)
One thing we were unable to fit in the first load was Leah’s bed so our generous friend with a truck, Cameron Penter, let us borrow his for a few hours! Thanks Cam!
With moving day at an end Leah and I planned a fun day at SawGrass for Monday. We left the house with our two sidekicks on our laps and headed first to Tuscaloosa for a quick lunch at Taco Casa for a mild combination burrito with extra sour cream, a small messy nachos and a large Mt. Dew! Then on to SawGrass!
Papa gave us a few chores which we were happy to do while we were there. First was to pick up sweet feed for the horses at the local coop. (Leah wasn’t able to go in with me b/c she has a mild fear of taxidermy… which was EVERYWHERE!!) After unloading the feed we caught and saddled up, Leah ridding Comet and me riding Black Jack (our newest horse). Forgetting to check our time of departure, I’m not sure how long we rode but we did cover a good chunk of the West side of SawGrass.

This is from Googlemap of SawGrass Plantation; I marked the path that we took! :)

Once we made it back to the lodge we let Miami and Toby out to play! Miami is fascinated with Papa’s cat but when she got tired of him she kept following me into where the stables are… luckily she didn’t get trampled on! Toby just wanted to sniff everything he could!! After we untacked the horses and feed them we were off to start our second chore. Sweeping and mopping the lodge floors, which took about as long as the ride! While we were cleaning I spotted this Hillary doll and had to share it with you!

Sorry it's not up straight! Hee Hee!