Thursday, June 25

Jersey Girl

Miami's biological Mommy was adopted by my friend Kristin Mathis a few years ago. Kristin sent me a pic of Jersey Girl from a few months ago frolicking in the snow and I wanted to share it with all of you. :)

SawGrass 2009 - SaturNIGHT

SaturNIGHT was full of good eating, games and laughter.
See pics of our fun night!

Hal and Justin gave their wives presents! :)

Jessa saying "Word Up!"

Shaun and Ashley
Whitney and Justin

Maghan, baby Craig, and Hal
Me and Jared
The guys gangster pose.
Shaun, Paul, Hal, Mike, Jared, John, and Justin
The Girl's have more gangster in our pose.
Me, Lori, Jessa, Whitney, Maghan, Ashley and Sarah
Mike trying to decide if he wants to eat the craw fish he caught...
He ate the head... and said it tasted fishy. :)
Shaun, Hal and Jared grilling our burgers.
This is Maggie the stray cat that hung around SawGrass for our weekend.

The guys playing poker.
The girls played Mexican Train all weekend.

Silly CG shots.
Serious CG shots.
What a fun weekend at SawGrass!! :)

Wednesday, June 24

SawGrass 2009 - SaturDAY

Saturday morning we had our breakfast casseroles, played games and snacked until it got good and hot outside to ride horses and lay out in the sun. :)

The guys went fishing. Here's Hal modeling his waders, what a country boy!


Jared helped us saddle up for our ride!

Cisco was being impatient!
Sarah and Paul watching us tack the horses. (Paul will have to ride next time.)

John and Lori getting friendly with BlackJack... he was messing with Whiskey while he was being saddled up.

Pictures of our ride.
Sarah riding Comet
Lori riding Whiskey and Whitney riding Cisco
Me talking while I'm riding Gray

Cisco kept eating on the go
The monument The groups reaction to the monument, (see past post, Until...)
pretty pic
Lori riding Whiskey
You know the expression "Pee like a race horse"?
Well, moments before we were back at the lodge Whiskey decides to do his "business" and poor Sarah didn't know what he was doing... this is her reaction after I told her. :)
Comet giving Cisco some love.
The guys took the new SideKick and Mike and Jessa's car out fishing and skeet shooting...
... a little muddy. :)

Maghan, Jessa and Ashley laid out in the sun while we rode horses.

SawGrass 2009 - SaturNIGHT next. :)

SawGrass 2009 - FriNIGHT

SawGrass 2009 was fabulous!
Lori and John joined me Thursday night to shop for our weekend fun. We stopped in Ttown for some yummy Taco Casa, a mild combination burrito with extra sour cream, a small messy nachos and a large Mt. Dew! :) After we left a big dent in Sam's we headed to Walmart to get a few things... checking out took an hour!! Good grief at the 30 check out registers and the 3 that were open!!! We didn't get to SawGrass until after 11:00PM but then stayed up until 2AM chatting. :)
Friday morning I made my awesome volunteers homemade biscuits, bacon, and eggs for breakfast then we started deep cleaning the lodge. We finished around lunch and went to the M&M for a country meal. Cleaning wasn't nearly as painful with such great help!
While we were eating Sarah texted me letting me know that their group had arrived. Then along came everyone else behind them. I'm so glad this years SawGrass trip started so early!
Hal and Jared planning their weekend of poker.

Every SawGrass trip is full of fabulous snacks! Here is Maghan and her dip.

For dinner we had drunken chicken... yum!
Shaun, Paul and John helping us out by making sure only half a beer can was left for each hen.
Me and Tweety :)
Sarah enjoyed every minute of saucing up her bird.

But not as much as Ashley! :)

After we put the beer cans in the birds the guys did the grilling while we cleaned and made the baked potatoes.
Sarah and Maghan on self appointed clean up duty! Thanks ladies!

Me and Ashley on foil duty!

Ashley and Lori on fork stabbing duty (potatoes).

The chicken was fabulous!!
After dinner the guys played poker while the ladies played Mexican Train. Fun night!!
Stay tuned... SawGrass 2009 - SaturDAY