Tuesday, November 30

28 Weeks Along, 12 Weeks Left and a Glucose Test

I had my doctor's appointment yesterday. McBaby is measuring on schedule and his heart beat is still strong! Yea!! One of my newsletters says he is as big as a small cabbage (17 in., 2.9 lbs) but another says he is as big as an eggplant, here is our eggplant.

Yesterday, I started my morning with a bigger breakfast than my usual pop-tart while running out the door. I fixed myself French toast, yum. However, while I was waiting in the doctor's office Jared said it probably wasn't a good idea since syrup is pure sugar... oops. That got me nervous and I was sure to fail and have to take the 3 hour Glucose test next time... but I don't.

I received all my results today:
  • Glucose test was 74 which is good (over 135 is not good).
  • Red Blood Count - Hematotrit (I had my nurse spell this but can't find it so I might have misspelled her spelling, I did find Hematocrit) was 32.8 which is low (over 35 is good) so I need to start taking an iron pill... I'm only slightly anemic.
  • Red Blood Count - Hemoglobin was 11.1 which is fine (over 11 is good), since it was close they'll run this lab again next time.
  • Platelets were 149 which is slightly low (over 150 is good), they'll run this lab again next time.
Mommy News:
I'm feeling like I have more energy, which is great! I have a dozen projects in my head that I want to get done before we start on the nursery... classic nesting syndrome, I know, I'll post on one of the funny/frustrating project once we've recovered from it.
Dr. Gregory says my weight is on track but I feel she is just being nice. I feel ginormous! :)
McBaby is kicking like crazy on the lower left side of my tummy so his head is to the right. It only hurts when he kicks my bladder and a nerve... sharp pains, ouch!
I don't sleep much but I feel like I'm getting through the day better with little sleep. For those who don't know, I am a TRUE tummy sleeper. I don't even sleep on a pillow, just flat mattress.  I am still able to sleep on my stomach with a pillow between my legs mostly on my left so I don't crush McBaby's head... which is the only way I can fall asleep after getting up umpteen times to tinkle. TMI... :)

Thank you all for your prayers and keep them coming! 82 days left! :)

Friday, November 12

100 Days Left!

One hundred days until February 20th!
I will be 26 weeks on Sunday with 14 weeks to go!

My What to Expect App says McBaby is the size of a cucumber (15 in., 2.2 lbs.).

This is a google cucumber image... so cute! 

Mommy News:
I'm moving right along and he hardly ever stops moving! Which is pretty cool, I must say. I'm feeling drained but excited. I so can't wait to meet him! I do have major pregnant brain syndrome issues and am getting even more clumsy then usual; see past post that highlights my uncoordinated self, The Ugly Truth of Tennis.
Jared and I still don't have a definite name picked out but last week in the car he "un-vetoed" Cade Thomas, which is my second favorite name… progress! Unfortunately, for him, I am still being super stubborn because Mcbaby is such a Dean Thomas to me! So I am planning to call him Cade Thomas for a week and see if I might be able to convince myself that McBaby is a Dean... I mean Cade. :)

Tuesday, November 2

Right On Schedule

Jared and I were told at our last check-up that we were going to start to meet with other doctors in Gregory's practice so we met with Dr. Sparks yesterday for our 24 week check up. Compared to Dr. Gregory we waited twice as long as we usually do but I guess everyone has those days where they are behind.
When Dr. Sparks pulled out his measuring tape he said I should be around 50 cm and when he measured my tummy I was right at 50 cm. We got to hear McBaby's heart beat, loved that, 150 bpm and believe it or not my weight is even on schedule!

Here are some ultrasound pics that I forgot to post after our last ultrasound appointment.

 He started opening and closing his mouth right before she took this image.

Here is a great profile shot. :)

Mommy News:
I'm doing great! I feel huge and need to post some baby bump pics but I haven't taken any... bad me, I know. Jared and I have been out of town every weekend the past two months so me being a bit pooped is probably because we have been busy! I'm still sleeping on my stomach... I have found a way but don't know how long it will last. I eat everything in site but am trying to eat several small meals. TUMS are a must and I keep them with me all the time. I feel McBaby kicking sporadically throughout the day and am absolutely loving that! I don't feel his hiccups yet but have been told they are coming.
I'm counting down the days, 110, until I meet McBaby!! I can't wait! :)

Google Analytics and Your Blogger Blog

Here is a YouTube video on how to add Google Analytics code to your Blogger blog for all your tracking needs.

If you are not comfortable working with hard html code then allow someone else to do this for you. Friends are welcome to comment that they want me to do it for them, let me know your email address and I'll follow up with an email on what I need from you. I can show you a few reports that have been helpful to me as well. :)