Monday, January 24

36 Weeks, 4 Weeks to Go and in ACTIVE Labor!

I went to my first weekly appointment with Dr. Gregory today. She asked how I have been feeling and I let her know that I thought I'd been having some contractions and have felt a lot of pressure "down there." Well right when she started "checking me out" she said "No wonder you have been uncomfortable I feel the head right there." I was so excited! She said I am 1 cm dilated and 50 to 60% effaced!! She said that was great progress for someone on their first baby. My tummy is measuring 36 cm which is right on schedule and his heartbeat is still strong... I have gained a little more weight then I should have this week but you know... :)

After calling Jared and my mom with the news I called my friend Krystal and her mom, Sharon, who are both nurses to help me understand what it all means... I know I just took the class but I needed it spelled out so in case you do too check this site out, In a nut shell, I could be 1 to 2 cm dilated for a few weeks but hey it is progress that I am now in the first stage of labor, active labor. :)

My What to Expect App says my baby is as big as a Watermelon (19 in to 22 in, 6.5 lbs). Here is our Watermelon:

Mommy News:

I am uncomfortable but so excited that my total discomfort and pain is making the labor progress! I've been feeling like a total wimp lately so the news that I'm now in active labor is making me feel totally justified in my whining! :) We had our first shower yesterday, which I'll post pics of soon, so I'm feeling so blessed to have such a generous church home in Tuscaloosa! University Church of Christ has some amazing women! :)

McBaby is squirming all the time and put on several shows for family members this weekend! :)

27 days left!!

Monday, January 17

Birthing Class

Jared and I spent our Saturday at Gold's Gym Brookwood Medical Center for our birthing class. I'm really glad we did this!

Our instructor, Connie, did an excellent job highlighting topics and answering questions. The videos were rated R but they painted the picture very nicely. :) If anything, I think the class got Jared and me more excited.

Here is a vimeo similar to the non-r rated parts where they just showed us animations:

Childbirth (Birth) 3D Video Animation from childbirth on Vimeo.


Connie's Q/A time:
Question: What does a contraction feel like?
Answer: They can be different... The BACK contraction is when you feel your tummy tighten and then a painful band of fire across your back. The BOTTOM contraction is when you feel your tummy tighten and then a severe cramping with a band of fire in your "bottom" area. (Ding ding the bottom one described exactly what I experienced this weekend! Ouch!) If you have more then 6 in an hour you need to call your doctor!

We also took a tour of Brookwood and OMG it is a ridiculously confusing building! So, if you come to visit us I'll let Jared give you directions! Please see an example of one of my directionally challenged past posts, LOST. :)
Interestingly enough, out of the 14 couples that were there only 2 of us were having boys! Wow, right?

I think we are going to one more class and then we'll feel like we are in the know! :)

35 Weeks, 5 Weeks to Go!

Jared and I met with Dr. Brown, another doctor from Dr. Gregory's practice, last Friday. She's great! So far we have really enjoyed meeting with all the doctors from Sparks & Favor. Dr. Brown says we are right on schedule. My tummy is measuring at 35 cm, my weight is on schedule and his heartbeat is strong. She also gave me permission to start contracting whenever, her words were... They would like for me to wait until 38 weeks but if I start contracting it is no big deal b/c 35 weeks is in the safe zone! YAY!!

My What to Expect App says my baby is as big as a Large Cantaloupe (19 in to 22 in, 6 lbs). Here is our Cantaloupe:

Mommy News:

I'm a true waddler now! I walk just like a penguin, when I'm coming people should yell "wide load, coming through!" I belly bump people, furniture, doors... all the time! I hurt constantly in my hips, which come to find out is hormones causing the connective tissue in my body to soften, loosen and become more flexible... this will help Mcbaby squeeze through my pelvic bones, gotta love that mental image! :)
I experienced several contractions this weekend, which HURT!

Baby is kicking and moving all the time, which is comforting at times and painful at other times. Last night it hurt so bad I told Jared and Leah he is grounded as soon as he gets out!! ;) He has the hiccups right now!

34 days to go!