Tuesday, March 31


Leah and I made our way down to SawGrass Saturday night for more adventures! After a delicious dinner Papa made us (fried bass, hush puppies, french fries and carrots) we suited up for our four-wheeler ride!

It was pretty cold so we borrowed some of Clint's camo for warmth! Good thing too b/c we end up being out for a while! :) Leah and me ready to go!

Leah the pro!

Since it was especially muddy this four-wheeling adventure was even more fun! We set off toward the south end of the property (with bunny rabbits dodging us along the way) and then turned off the four-wheelers to a perfect starry night... BREATH TAKING!! I wish I had pictures of the stars! After seeing our shooting star God put in the sky just for us we were content to continue our ride... not to mention it was a little scary out there!!

(Thoughts: "So we're headed north... I think... or is that the North Star... or that one??? hum?")

- Me: "So Leah, you know we are totally lost!!"

- Leah: "That's OK I'm having fun!"

- Me: "All right, let’s just keep going... maybe we'll run into something familiar!"

Somehow we ended up going northwest and hit Cougar Lake...

- Me: "OK. This is Cougar Lake which means that way is the lodge."

- Leah: "OK."

We take off for a while and stop.

- Me (laughing): "We are back at Cougar Lake."

- Leah (laughing): "OK. You could have fooled me!"

We take off for a while and stop.

- Me (laughing really hard): "Guess what?"

- Leah: "Really!"

Leaving Cougar Lake for the THIRD time we take off AGAIN for a while and stop.

- Me (HYSTERICALLY laughing): "I can't tell which path is which!!! I need JANE!!"

- Leah (laughing with me): "I'm having fun!"

We head out again and all the while I'm thinking DON'T USE YOUR INSTINCTS JUST KEEP GOING STRAIGHT!!! We finally get back to the lodge after TWO HOURS of turning around FOUR TIMES at the SAME PLACE... which is difficult to accomplish on 2,000+ ACRES... just leave it to me!
(I tried to recreate the paths we took on a map of SawGrass but it was WAY to confusing!)


The Penter Family said...

Sounds Familiar... Did you get me and Maghan lost once on some horses??? You are bad luck!

Jared and Rachel said...

Or I just have NO sense of direction!! :)

mountainmelody said...

Sounds like me...at least you had a friend with you! Oh, and I love the camo--too funny! :)