Tuesday, December 28

32 Week Check Up, 8 Weeks to Go!

Jared and I went to our 32 week check up today with Dr. Gregory. All is good! McBaby's heart beat is around 130 bpm. My platelets look good but I'm still slightly anemic. My tummy is measuring 1cm small, Gregory says anything within 3cm is normal so no worries.

My What to Expect App says my baby is as big as a Honeydew (19 in, 4.5 lbs). Here is our Honeydew:

Mommy News:

I'm feeling so ready!! I hurt and am not getting much sleep so I'm just pure sunshine to be around! :) I'll spare you what all hurts and just say EVERY inch of me! I did experience my first round of Braxton Hicks contractions last week... ouch, but not as bad as I thought they would be.

McBaby is really active! You can see him moving if you look at my tummy for a bit... I love it when he pushes on my tummy and leaves his, hand/elbow/foot/knee there for me to tickle.
While leaving the hospital I asked Jared if he thought Mary had to tinkle as much as I do... I bet they had to pull that donkey over every 5 minutes!

54 days to go!! Yay! :)

Bradford/Hamilton Thanksgiving 2010

This year we had Thanksgiving at Mom's house because of the Alabama vs. Auburn game. Codie's boyfriend's (see past post, Ed's First Sawgrass Adventure) family was able to join us later on. Here are a few pics from our fun day!

Uncle B, Papa Grandaddy, Andy and Calli's back (I received a bit of grief for taking a picture during the prayer but it was a picturesque moment!)

 Clint's back, Calli, Nonnie, Grandmother, Papa and Grandaddy getting their meal, yum!

 Clint, Codie and Calli

 Luke, Chase and Joe

 Joe, Papa, Uncle B, Uncle Andy and Grandaddy... Papa showing them how he is the master of the iPhone now. :)
 Chase and Colton

 Prego shot of me.

 Me, Calli, Codie, and Aunt Teresa
 Mom and Me

 Aunt Teresa and Mom

Luke and Cade

Miami found a friend!

 Nonnie and Uncle B

 Jared helping Calli with her Accounting homework

Just hanging out.

 Joe and Andy give us a concert.

Uncle B, Papa, Nonnie, and Grandma Punders listening to Joe and Andy play

Foursquare time!! They wouldn't let my pregers self play... :( So, I took pics!
 Chase, Jared, Calli and Colton

 Brian, Jared, Colton and Clint

 Brian, Jared and Chase

 Colton, Brian, Clint and Codie... not sure if it was in or not. ;)

 On lookers, Teresa, Mr. Marynowitz, Mrs. Marynowitz and Mom

 Mrs. Marynowitz, Mom and Grandaddy

 Brian and Codie

 Ed was able to make it for a little while! (This pic turned out fuzzy.) :)

Marynowitz family pic!

I didn't get our family to take a group shot over Thanksgiving but I did for Christmas... coming soon. :)

Thursday, December 16

Join Us Monday for a A Worship Celebration of Christ's Birth

“Silent Night”
A worship celebration of Christ’s Birth

 Monday, December 20, 2010,
Gathering at 6:45 pm. Worship begins at 7:00.

Homewood Church of Christ

Please be our guests and join us for a special worship service celebrating our Savior’s birth. The wonderful story of Christ’s birth will be shared through a cappella music, hymns, scripture reading, drama and time for prayer and meditation on God’s greatest gift.

Plan to remain after the service for seasonal refreshments and fellowship.
For a video clip from last year, please visit:
Childcare available: nursery to 1st grade.

In the beginning God separated the light from the darkness and said "it is good". But when darkness entered the world through sin, God sent a new "light" to help us see His love, mercy and grace. When the "light" arrived, some welcomed the light, some hid from the light, and others didn’t understand it. Which one are you? ____

I'll be in the saprano section on the front row, 3rd from the left. So far I have had to take at least one bathroom break each rehersal... let's see if I can make it through the entire show with out running to the bathroom! Please pray that McBaby doesn't kick me from 7:00 to 8:30ish Monday night! :) 


Tuesday, December 14

30 Weeks Pregnant and 10 Weeks to Go!

Jared and I went to see another doctor in Dr. Gregory's practice, Dr. Favor, yesterday. I really enjoyed meeting her! Dr. Favor let me know that McBaby is right on track! My tummy is measuring at 30 cm which is exactly where he is suppose to be and his heartbeat is strong. If she had to guess McBaby will probably be a 7 1/2 pound baby if he comes on time! Jared and I were both 7 something babies so... Yay!

Whattoexpect.com says McBaby is the size of a head of lettuce (18 in, 3.2 lbs). His brain is working overtime and he can now perceive information from all five senses... although he won't be able to smell until he is outside of the amniotic fluid.

Since Jared and I decided not to do a 4D ultrasound, I thought I would share this pic that my friend Stephanie sent me from her recent trip to the Chicago Science Museum.

This is what a baby would look like at 26 weeks and 4 days.

Mommy News:
I'm doing good besides the fact that I've never been more uncomfortable with my own body!
He kicks and punches all the time now, I seriously think he gave me a fist pump yesterday... so cool!Although he does like to kick me in this one nerve that gives me a shooting pain... so when I jump from it anyone near me looks at me like I'm crazy!
We finally registered at Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us and Target last weekend! I would advise anyone to register online first and then go check out if you want to make changes at the stores!! Registering is so overwhelming but lucky for me I have a super organized friend, Jamie, who gave us a big boost! Jared posted on FB "Our registry looks eerily similar to yours. If there was such a thing as registry plagiarism, Rachel would be guilty."  I love that he posted that but just to give you a clear picture of how our registry adventure went... we would be looking at something and trying to decide which one we want and Jared would say, "look at Jamie's, what did she get?" :)
Our nursery has been dreamed up but we have done nothing! So, hopefully we will begin putting all that together soon!

Thanks for all your prayers, keep them coming!