Saturday, February 13

Ed's First Sawgrass Adventure

It was a cold February night when Ed agreed to attend our randomly, last minute, Sawgrass venture... After a quick Taco Casa run (mild combination burrito with sour cream, a small messy nachos and a large Dew) we arrive at Sawgrass around late thirty.

The game room was freezing so after several attempts we got a roaring fire.
Sweet success!

Jared and I challenged Ed and Codie to a game of Rook... we played until extremely late forty five and slept late the next morning.

Ed and Jared freezing playing cards...oops, I got a peek of Ed's cards (shhhh)
Ed did so well on his first ride... we went pretty fast the majority of the time!
Ed riding Cisco, Codie riding Gray and Jared riding Comet (I'm taking the pic riding BlackJack)
Pics of us riding:

Cisco rubbing on Ed telling him to take his bridle off! :)

What a fun relaxing trip! Can't wait for the next one!!