Wednesday, February 9

38 Weeks, 2 Weeks to Go!

We meet with Dr. Gregory this past Monday and I haven't changed since last week. I'm 1 1/2 cm dilated and 70% effaced. His heartbeat is strong but my tummy is measuring a little small, 37 cm. She asked me if I packed my bag and I let her know it was in the car... she said if I unpack it he'll probably come! :)

My What to Expect App says my baby is still as big as a Watermelon (19 in to 22 in, 7 lbs).

Mommy News:

I'm really ready for him to be here! Our nursery is almost finished!

11 DAYS LEFT!! :)


The Penter Family said...

colton was born at 28 weeks! it could be any day now!

Ashley and Jeff said...

any day now!!! :)