Monday, February 14

39 Weeks, 1 Week to Go!

We had a doctor's apt today and NOTHING has changed! I'm still not quite 2cm and am about 70% effaced. My tummy is measuring abot 38 1/2 cm and his heartbeat is strong. So if McBaby does't come by his due date we talked about a few dates to induce and since I really really don't want a c-section we are going to wait until after his due date. So next Monday we are going to have an ultrasound and hook me up to make sure everything is fine and if it is then we'll induce next Wednesday!

Mommy News:
Still pregnant, still highly uncomfortable, still very very ready!

Thank you for your prayers!

6 or 9 Days to Go!!

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Anna said...

You can do it!! Hang in there, girl.